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The IVY Foundation

Ivyana Ranae Shepherd Scholarship Foundations was formed by Ivy's Mother Otamia Cowans & God Father Christopher Freeman. Ivy was a bright little young lady who loved her cousins and loved the color yellow. Her life was tragically cut short due to a drunk driver.  The "Ivy" Foundation will give out 2 Scholarships a year to Seniors who work hard in school complete with a 3.5 or above. The recipients must have at least 600 hours of community service through the school or through Simply Blessed Creations Elegant Event Planning Program. The Scholars will be inducted in the Ivyana Renae Scholarship Hall of Education and will be present with a Medal of Education from Simply Blessed Creations Elegant Event Planning. Every Year the foundation will give out this Scholarship to deserving High School Seniors. 


This Year's 2022 1st Annual Scholarship Recipients Are: Miss Destany Alyssa Serrato, University High School and Mr. Chondale Minor, La Vega High School

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